From Data to Decisions – Environmental Science Tools Think Tank


From Data to Decisions - Environmental Science Tools Think Tank

From Data to Decisions – Environmental Science Tools Think Tank

There is an obvious and urgent need to build usable predictive models of important environmental phenomena to increase our scientific understanding, inform policy and enable decision-making from governments, to business and individuals. Such models need to describe how variation in different aspects of the environment, such as climate and soil, affect primary productivity of plants, agricultural yield, or even land-use change.

Building such predictive models presents many challenges, from managing and accessing data, to building and visualising outputs in ways that can be readily communicated to different stakeholders. This includes not only scientists, but decision-makers, and the public.

Microsoft Research’s Computational Ecology and Environmental Science Research Group and Connections teams are working on new tools and technologies for environmental science that aim to significantly improve how the environmental science community, in its broadest sense, is able to make data and models usable in an accessible way.

This free, one-day workshop will bring together key stakeholders from academia, research, NGOs and government to explore and discuss how Microsoft Research can work most effectively to make its tools usable, useful and interoperable with the global environmental science community.

There will be hands-on sessions to explore the portfolio of tools and technologies under development, and extensive discussion of we can all work together to further the data to decision pipeline across the broad spectrum of environmental science and its related areas.

For more information, please email Kenji Takeda at Microsoft Research.