October 15, 2009 - October 17, 2009

eScience Workshop 2009

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US

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New Book Expands on Jim Gray’s Vision

On October 16, The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery was released at the eScience Workshop. Read more… (opens in new tab)

Jeff Dozier Accepts Jim Gray eScience Award

Dozier has gained a deep understanding of the role snowfall and snowmelt play in creating healthy ecosystems. Read more… (opens in new tab)

About the Event

The goal of this cross-disciplinary event is to bring together scientists from diverse research disciplines and give them the opportunity to share their research and their experiences of how computing is shaping their work—and thus to provide new insights into how data-driven computing is facilitating scientific discovery. The discussion will center on how we can take advantage of “big data” and create computing technologies that enable scalable solutions that address a broad range of scientific challenges.

The event includes the presentation of the second Jim Gray eScience award. The award is presented to a researcher who has made an especially significant contribution to the field of data-intensive computing.


Tony Hey