Microsoft at Interspeech 2019

Microsoft at Interspeech 2019


Interspeech is the world‘s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. Microsoft joins the conference as a proud gold sponsor. Stop by our booth to chat with our experts, see demos of our latest research and find out about career opportunities with Microsoft.


Monday, September 16

15:30-15:50 | Hall 1 | Oral
Speaker Adaptation for Attention-Based End-to-End Speech Recognition
Zhong Meng, Yashesh Gaur, Jinyu Li, Yifan Gong

14:30-16:30 | Gallery C | Poster
Zero Shot Intent Classification Using Long-Short Term Memory Networks
Kyle Williams

14:30 – 16:30 | Hall 4 | Show & Tell
Speech Based Web Navigation for Movement Impaired Users
Vasiliy Radostev, Serge Berger, Justin Tabrizi, Pasha Kamyshev, Hisami Suzuki

Tuesday, September 17

10:00-12:00 | Hall 10/E | Poster
A Scalable Noisy Speech Dataset and Online Subjective Test Framework 
Ebrahim Beyrami, Chandan Karadagur Ananda Reddy, Jamie Pool, Ross Cutler, Sriram Srinivasan, Johannes Gehrke

13:30-15:30 | Hall 10/E | Poster
Speech Signal Characterization 3/Vocal Pitch Extraction in Polyphonic Music using Convolutional Residual Network
Mingye Dong, Jie Wu, Jian Luan

13:30-13:50 | Hall 1 | Oral
Forward-Backward Decoding for Regularizing End-to-End TTS
Yibin Zheng, Xi Wang, Lei He, Shifeng Pan, Frank Soong, Zhengqi Wen, Jianhua Tao

13:50-14:10 | Hall 2 | Oral
A New GAN-based End-to-End TTS Training Algorithm 
Haohan Guo, Frank Soong, Lei He, Lei Xie

14:10-14:30 | Hall 2 | Oral
Robust Sequence-to-Sequence Acoustic Modeling with Stepwise Monotonic Attention for Neural TTS
Mutian He, Yan Deng, Lei He

16:00-18:00 | Gallery A | Poster
Token-Level Ensemble Distillation for Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion 
Hao Sun, Xu Tan, Jun-Wei Gan, Hongzhi Liu, Sheng Zhao, Tao Qin, Tie-Yan Liu

16:00-18:00 | Gallery B | Poster
Exploiting Monolingual Speech Corpora for Code-mixed Speech Recognition
Karan Taneja, Satarupa Guha, Preethi Jyothi, Basil Abraham

16:40-17:00 | Hall 1 | Oral
Layer Trajectory BLSTM
Eric Sun, Jinyu Li, Yifan Gong

16:00-18:00 | Gallery C | Poster
Acoustic-to-Phrase Models for Speech Recognition 
Yashesh Gaur, Jinyu Li, Zhong Meng, Yifan Gong

Wednesday, September 18

11:20-11:40 | Hall 1 | Oral
Supervised Classifiers for Audio Impairments with Noisy Labels 
Chandan Karadagur Ananda Reddy, Ross Cutler, Johannes Gehrke

10:00-12:00 | Gallery B | Poster
Meeting Transcription Using Asynchronous Distant Microphones
Takuya Yoshioka, Dimitrios Dimitriadis, Andreas Stolcke, William Hinthorn, Zhuo Chen, Michael Zeng, Xuedong Huang

13:30-15:30 | Gallery B | Poster
Compression of CTC-Trained Acoustic Models by Dynamic Frame-Wise Distillation or Segment-Wise N-Best Hypotheses Imitation
Haisong Ding, Kai Chen, Qiang Huo

13:30-15:30 | Gallery B | Poster
Latent Dirichlet Allocation based Acoustic Data Selection for Automatic Speech Recognition
Mortaza (Morrie) Doulaty, Thomas Hain

17:40-18:00 | Hall 1| Oral
Self-Teaching Networks 
Liang Lu, Eric Sun, Yifan Gong

16:00-18:00 | Hall 10/E | Poster
Sound Event Detection in Multichannel Audio Using Convolutional Time-Frequency Channel Squeeze and Excitation
Wei Xia, Kazuhito Koishida

Thursday, September 19

13:30-15:30 | Gallery C | Poster
Exploiting Syntactic
Features in a Parsed Tree to Improve End-to-End TTS 
Haohan Guo, Frank Soong, Lei He, Lei Xie

13:30-15:30 | Hall 12 | Special Session
Speech Technologies for Code-Switching in Multilingual Communities
Organizers: Kalika Bali, Alan W Black, Julia Hirschberg, Sunayana Sitaram, Thamar Solorio

Career Opportunities

Cognition and Speech Scientist

Type: Full-time

Lab/Location: Redmond, Washington

We are looking for a motivated, self-driven software development engineer/scientist to join our mission to change the world with TTS technology.

Cognition and Speech Scientist Intern

Type: Internship

Lab/Location: Redmond, Washington

We are looking for a motivated, self-driven software development engineer/scientist intern to join our mission to change the world with TTS technology.

Applied Scientist

Type: Full-time

Lab/Location: Redmond, Washington

We are hiring Scientists/Engineers with outstanding machine learning (ML) and speech recognition (SR) technology development skills to advance Microsoft’s core speech technology.

Sr. Applied Scientist

Type: Full-time

Lab/Location: Redmond, Washington

The Speech Group develops speech recognition features in Enterprise, Entertainment and Desktop and Mobile products and particularly in the voice platform that powers Microsoft 365 Search and Assistant…

Applied Scientist II

Type: Full-time

Lab/Location: Bellevue, Washington

Are you interested in AI and machine learning technology, especially involving speech and language? Are you an expert in deep learning or willing to learn those advance techniques used in Cloud+AI products…

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