June 20, 2016 - June 25, 2016

MSR India Summer School 2016 on IoT

Location: Indian Institue of Science , Bangalore, INDIA

The MSR India Summer School series, held in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), consists of lectures in a chosen area by leading experts from around the world. The aim is to introduce students and researchers to important new areas and the latest results and to provide a forum for researchers to interact.

The 2016 Summer School is co-organized by Microsoft Research and the Department of Computational & Data Sciences at IISc, and will be held between June 20th – 25th in the area of Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT refers to the networking of physical objects through the use of embedded sensors, actuators, and other devices that can collect or transmit information about these objects. The data collected from these devices can then be leveraged to deliver various products and services. The IoT terminology spans “sensor networks”, “cyber-physical systems” etc. and is about creating digital representations of physical entities and interlinking them and/or interfacing with them through computation, to create new and valuable functionality. Analyst estimates put the number of connected devices at somewhere between 30-50 billion by the year 2020.

The summer school will address both theoretical as well as practical aspects of the chosen area and is targeted at faculty members, research scholars, masters and senior undergraduate students. The lectures will be designed to offer self-contained introductions to chosen topics, leading up to some open problems for research. There will also be hands-on lab sessions to give the attendees a first hand experience of working with IoT devices.

Some of the speakers expected to deliver lectures / hand-on lab sessions are Bharadwaj Amrutur (opens in new tab), Ranveer Chandra (opens in new tab)Zainul Charbiwala (opens in new tab), Michal Depa (opens in new tab)Marco Gruteser (opens in new tab), KVS Hari (opens in new tab), Malati Hegde (opens in new tab), Anurag Kumar (opens in new tab), Amarjeet Singh (opens in new tab)Shaz Qadeer (opens in new tab), Rajeev Shorey (opens in new tab)Yogesh Simmhan (opens in new tab), Ronak Sutaria (opens in new tab), Manohar Swaminathan (opens in new tab), among others.

Participation at the school is by invitation only.