NetDB 2011

Location: Athens, Greece


Srikanth Kandula (opens in new tab)
Researcher, Microsoft Research (opens in new tab)

Chris Olston (opens in new tab)
Staff Research Scientist, Google (opens in new tab)


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Past Workshops:

The 6th International Workshop on Networking Meets Databases (NetDB 2011) brought together researchers from the systems and networking and databases communities. Many research areas, such as cloud computing, data center networking, privacy-aware systems, sensor networks, network management, P2P systems, rule mining, inference over system logs and network traffic data, and declarative system-building, are blurring the boundaries between these two communities. The goal of the workshop was to foster an environment in which researchers from both communities could discuss ideas that shape and influence these emerging research areas.

Co-located with SIGMOD 2011.

Workshop Organization

Program Committee

  • Shivnath Babu, Duke University
  • Nikita Borisov, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
  • Tyson Condie, Yahoo! Research
  • David DeWitt, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Rodrigo Fonseca, Brown University
  • Michael Franklin, University of California, Berkeley
  • Jeff Hammerbacher, Cloudera
  • Arvind Krishnamurthy, University of Washington
  • Suman Nath, Microsoft Research
  • Jun Rao, LinkedIn
  • Ion Stoica, University of California, Berkeley
  • Kenneth Yocum, University of California, San Diego
  • Jingren Zhou, Microsoft

Program Committee co-Chairs

Steering Committee

  • John Byers, Boston University
  • Brian Cooper, Yahoo! Research
  • Nick Feamster, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • George Kollios, Boston University
  • Boon Thau Loo, University of Pennsylvania
  • Stefan Saroiu, Microsoft Research