autonomous cyber physical systems workshop
July 15, 2016

Safe Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems Workshop 2016

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Redmond, WA, USA

Venue: Baker Room, Microsoft Conference Center (Building 33)

Contact us: For any questions please contact Debadeepta Dey

The Safe Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems Workshop was part of the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2016.

Recent advances in cyber physical systems, such as drones and autonomous cars, combined with the internet-of-things (IoT), have led to a lot of consumer interest. However, to fully unleash the capabilities of such systems we need to invent a new level of safety. For example, an autonomous robot needs to model the environment and take only those actions that will ensure the safety of itself and everything around it, while still making progress on the assigned task.

Addressing this problem entails an interdisciplinary approach, where innovative ideas from perception, sensing and modeling need to work with advances in controls, planning and decision-making. This will be a large-scale effort in software and hardware engineering, and we all know that managing software complexity in large code bases is difficult, so it is important to also improve our programming languages so we can achieve deeper levels of verification and achieve a stronger guarantee of the safety of those systems.

This workshop brought together experts in the areas of machine learning, vision, planning, programming languages and verification to discuss the latest advances with the aim of catalyzing a joint effort between academia and industry with the goal of advancing Safety in Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems. The daylong workshop consisted of invited talks, discussions, and demos as part of the Microsoft Faculty Summit 2016 (opens in new tab).

Attendee Information

  • Transportation: We ran a shuttle from the Hilton Bellevue and Marriott Bellevue to the MSCC from 7:15 AM–8:30 AM (every 15 minutes) the morning of July 15. Buses also made trips from MSCC to the two hotels every 15 minutes starting at 2:30 PM with the last bus leaving at 5:00 PM.
  • Food & Beverages: We served breakfast, lunch and beverage breaks/snacks. There was a dinner the night before (Thursday, July 14) to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of Microsoft Research. Details of this dinner were provided as part of the welcome packet at the hotel as well as on the faculty summit website (opens in new tab).
  • Check-in: Registration at Microsoft Conference Center to obtain stick-on-badge
  • Contacts: Ashish Kapoor (opens in new tab) (Chair), Debadeepta Dey (opens in new tab), and Shital Shah (opens in new tab)

Speaker Information

  • Check-in: At speaker desk near main entrance. Speakers were requested to sign a release form for the recording of the event and to provide their slides.
  • Gear Note: If speakers had an Apple/Mac laptop, we requested they bring a HDMI adapter and Apple-to-DVI adapter and power cord
  • Speaking time: 30 mins including questions