Tutorial: Mobile Location Sensing


Location is a fundamental service in device mobility. The mobile and sensing research communities have made remarkable progress in location sensing in the recent years. This full-day tutorial by Microsoft Research will give in-depth discussions on the principles and practices of location sensing in mobile devices. The goals are to give students and researchers of interests a broad view of the state of the art, and help practitioners to select and build the right technologies into solutions.


9:00AM: Dimitrios Lymberopoulos
Introduction: Mobile Location and Location-Based Services (Slides)

9:15AM: Bodhi Priyantha
Location Sensing Fundamentals and Infrastructure-Based Approaches (Slides)

10:15AM: Break

10:45AM: Jie Liu
GPS Principle (Slides) | Cloud Offloaded GPS: device & service (Slides)

12:30PM: Lunch

2:00PM: Dimitrios Lymberopoulos
Signature-Based approaches: such as using WiFi, FM, magnetic field, and sound signals (Slides)

3:30PM: Break

4:00PM: Jacky Shen
Map-based tracking (Slides) | Inertial navigation + landmarks (Slides)

5:30PM: Concluding Remarks