Advanced Technology Lab Israel

Advanced Technology Labs (ATL) Israel is a unique group of engineers, researchers, and user experience (UX) designers who focus on computer vision technologies and NUI. ATL-Israel works in collaboration with product and research teams to ideate, develop, and bring new innovative technologies and solutions into Microsoft’s devices, WinOS and services.


“ATL Israel is about implementing the ‘Israel Startup Nation’ spirit—entrepreneurship, global thinking, creativity, no fear, persistent, engineering excellence, and motivation the change the world. It is our goal to come up with innovative concept and breakthrough technologies that will help Microsoft provide better user experience and technology that will really serve our users and ease their interaction with machines and online services. Our relatively small tiger team creates a unique combination of research, creative engineering, and UX that tech transfers new technologies and products in the areas of computer vision and NUI. We never stop bringing new ideas into reality, pushing the limits, and looking for the next big thing.”

Adi Diamant, Director, Advanced Technology Labs Israel



Portrait of Adi Diamant

Adi Diamant

Director of Innovation Labs

Portrait of Eyal Krupka

Eyal Krupka

Partner Research Manager