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Augmented Learning and Reasoning

Career opportunities



Portrait of Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Carolyn Buractaon

Carolyn Buractaon

Senior Program Manager

Portrait of Nick Caurvina

Nick Caurvina

Software Engineer II

Portrait of Jonathan McLean

Jonathan McLean

Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of Jennifer Neville

Jennifer Neville

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Corby Rosset

Corby Rosset

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tobias Schnabel

Tobias Schnabel

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Adith Swaminathan

Adith Swaminathan

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Bryan Tower

Bryan Tower

Principal Software Engineer

Portrait of Shane Williams

Shane Williams

Principal Research Software Engineer

Portrait of Chenyan Xiong

Chenyan Xiong

Principal Researcher