Computer Architecture Group

Our group’s mission is to conduct fundamental research in computer architecture and hardware/software interaction. We explore novel architectural techniques to improve the performance, efficiency, dependability, and scalability of processor architectures and the software running on them. We are especially interested in understanding and improving the interactions between hardware and software.



Portrait of Karin Strauss

Karin Strauss

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Michael Papamichael

Michael Papamichael

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Eric Chung

Eric Chung

Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Doug Burger

Doug Burger

Technical Fellow, Cloud Acceleration Systems and Technologies

Portrait of Adrian Caulfield

Adrian Caulfield

Principal Group Engineering Manager

Portrait of Andrew Putnam

Andrew Putnam

Principal Research Hardware Development Engineer

Portrait of Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Ali Bakhoda

Ali Bakhoda

Principal Hardware Engineer