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News & features


Cryptography is the ancient science of encoding messages so that only the sender and receiver can understand them. Cryptography is now available to everyone thanks to the development of modern computers, which can perform more mathematical operations in a second than a human being could do in a lifetime. An ordinary PC can produce codes of such complexity that the most powerful supercomputer using the best available attack algorithms would not break them in a million years. Cryptography is used to secure telephone, Internet, and email communication and to protect software and other digital property.

The Cryptography group within Microsoft Research serves multiple roles:

  • Researching new cryptographic methods and applications.
  • Working with standards bodies to develop security protocols.
  • Providing internal security consulting on Microsoft products.

Crypto Colloquium

The Cryptography Group in Redmond invites researchers from around the world to visit the group and speak in the MSR Cryptography Colloquium .

Long-Term Visitors

Short-Term Visitors


Spring 2016

  • Shashank Agrawal, U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Peter Rindal, Oregon State University

Summer/Fall 2015

  • Hao Chen, U. of Washington
  • Chaya Ganesh, Courant Institute
  • Kim Laine, UC Berkeley
  • Tarik Moataz, Colorado State U.

Spring 2015

  • Miran Kim, Seoul National University

Summer/Fall 2014

  • Shashank Agrawal, U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Alina Dudeanu, EPFL
  • Tony Feng, Harvard
  • Xianrui Meng, Boston University
  • Muhammad Naveed, U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Thomas Pöppelmann
  • Saeed Sadeghian, U. of Calgary
  • David Wu, Stanford

Summer/Fall 2013

  •  Foteini Baldimtsi, Brown
  • Alyson Deines-Schartz, U. of Washington
  • Kim Laine, UC Berkeley
  • Tancrede Lepoint, Ecole Normale Superieure
  • Sarah Meiklejohn, UCSD
  • Andrea Miele, EPFL
  • Joop Van de Pol, University of Bristol

Summer 2012

  • Craig Costello, Queensland U.
  • Feng-Hao Liu, Brown
  • Anurag Khandelwal, IIT Kharagpur
  • Jake Loftus, University of Bristol
  • Olya Ohrimenko, Brown
  • Vanishree Rao, UCLA

Summer/Fall 2011

  • Shweta Agrawal, UT Austin
  • Gaetan Bisson, LORIA/TU Eindhoven
  • Joppe Bos, EPFL
  • Craig Costello, Queensland U.
  • Simon Knellwolf, ETH Zurich
  • Sarah Meiklejohn, UC San Diego
  • Ben Riva, Tel Aviv U.
  • Lei Wei, UNC Chappel Hill

Summer 2010

  • Nishanth Chandran, UCLA
  • Beth Malmskog, Colorado State U.
  • Charalampos Papamanthou, Brown
  • Mariana Raykova, Columbia
  • Damien Robert, LORIA
  • Alexandra Savelieva, HSE
  • Emily Shen, MIT
  • Panagiotis Voulgaris, UC San Diego

Summer 2009

  • Michael Naehrig, TU Eindhoven
  • Adam O’Neill, Georgia Tech
  • Mariana Raykova, Columbia
  • Emily Shen, MIT
  • Bianca Viray, UC Berkeley
  • Marco Streng, Universiteit Leiden

Summer 2008

  • Sherman Chow, NYU
  • Ari Feldman, Princeton
  • Vipul Goyal, UCLA
  • David Gruenewald, U. of Sydney
  • Dan Shumow, U. of Washington

Interns with Kristin Lauter (2001-2007)

  • Kirsten Eisentraeger, UC Berkeley
  • Denis Charles, U Wisconsin
  • Anton Mityagin, UCSD
  • Dimitar Jetchev, UC Berkeley
  • David Mandell Freeman, UC Berkeley
  • Ning Shang, Purdue
  • Kate Stange, Brown


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