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Cryptography, Security, and Privacy


Portrait of Melissa Chase

Melissa Chase

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Weiteng Chen

Weiteng Chen

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Craig Costello

Craig Costello


Portrait of Radames Cruz Moreno

Radames Cruz Moreno

Senior Research SDE

Portrait of Weidong Cui

Weidong Cui

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Betül Durak

Betül Durak

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Esha Ghosh

Esha Ghosh

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane

Principal Software Engineer

Portrait of Kim Laine

Kim Laine

Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Michael Naehrig

Michael Naehrig

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Srinath Setty

Srinath Setty

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Dan Shumow

Dan Shumow

Senior SDE

Portrait of Greg Zaverucha

Greg Zaverucha

Principal Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Ziqiao Zhou

Ziqiao Zhou

Senior Researcher