Human Interactions in Programming

Established: June 21, 2006

Building better development tools through user-centric design.





Software Engineering Mix

Bellevue, WA, USA | July 2015

Software Engineering Mix provides a forum for our colleagues from academia to interact directly with Microsoft engineers. The program will feature talks from academics: highlights of published research that is highly relevant for Microsoft and blue sky talks summarizing emerging research areas. In addition, practitioners will give presentations about theoretical and pragmatic engineering challenges they face, perhaps soliciting help from academia. A coffee round table setting will be used to facilitate discussions. This session builds on the success of SEIF Days, which provided a discussion forum about the future of software engineering.


Debugger Canvas

Established: May 16, 2011

Microsoft and Brown University have collaborated to create Debugger Canvas, a free Power Tool that adds Code Bubbles™ to Visual Studio for a new way to debug. Debugger Canvas has now been released publically on DevLabs! Please…

Code Canvas

Established: June 14, 2010

Code Canvas is a new user experience for Visual Studio 2010 that provides an infinite zoomable surface for software development. A canvas both houses editable forms of all of a project’s documents and allows multiple layers of visualization over those…


Remote Meetings: Thinking Inside the Box

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research George Robertson is taking this meeting seriously. He focuses intently on other participants in the room, making eye contact, noting posture and visual cues, interjecting comments when appropriate. He studies diagrams scrawled onto…

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