The Internet Graphics Group’s research activities focus mainly on graphics systems, graphics platforms, and game technologies. The group leverages its extensive research expertise to create cutting edge graphics technologies, including graphics systems and graphics platforms for Microsoft’s graphics and game platforms such as DirectX and XDK. In developing game technologies, researchers from the group work closely with Microsoft Game Studios on next generation game engines.


Portrait of Baining Guo

Baining Guo

Distinguished Scientist

Portrait of Guojun Chen

Guojun Chen

Associate Researcher 2

Portrait of Hao Pan

Hao Pan

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Muscle Wu

Muscle Wu


Portrait of Steve Lin

Steve Lin

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Weiwei Cui

Weiwei Cui


Portrait of Xin Tong

Xin Tong

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Yang Liu

Yang Liu

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Yue Dong

Yue Dong

Lead Researcher