Internet Services Research Center (ISRC)

Established: August 8, 2009

The Internet Services Research Center (ISRC) is a specialized research group, focusing on all aspects of internet services. We see applications moving to the cloud, with Web search posing deep technical challenges, and with mobility, social networks, data mining, and system structures seeing huge changes. We work to accelerate innovations in search and ad technologies, and partner with other parts of Microsoft to rapidly deliver them to our search products, customers, and advertisers.

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Microsoft Academic

Established: February 22, 2016

Helping researchers stay on top of their game Microsoft Academic ( is an online destination that helps researchers like you connect with the most personally relevant papers, research news, conferences, people, and ideas, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) bots that read, understand, and deliver the scientific information to further your work. It helps you stay abreast of developments, discover new ideas, and collaborate with others in the academic community, propelling your research—and your reputation—further, faster.…

Microsoft Academic Graph

Established: June 5, 2015

The Microsoft Academic Graph is a heterogeneous graph containing scientific publication records, citation relationships between those publications, as well as authors, institutions, journals, conferences, and fields of study. This graph is used to power experiences in Bing, Cortana, Word, and in Microsoft Academic. Access the Microsoft Academic Graph The Microsoft Academic Graph can be accessed via the Microsoft Cognitive Services Academic Knowledge API. The graph is currently being updated on a weekly basis. Azure resources are…

Microsoft Research blog

The Quest for Quality Searches

By Janie Chang, Writer, Microsoft Research When the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM’s) Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (SIGIR) holds a conference, it must be difficult for participants to decide which sessions to attend, because creating easy, effective search experiences these days involves challenges potentially as diverse as dealing with multimedia, social media, relevance judgments, unstructured searches, and massive scalability. The 33rd annual ACM SIGIR Conference, being held at the University of Geneva from…

July 2010

Microsoft Research Blog

Integrating Browser, Social Networks

By Janie Chang, Writer, Microsoft Research Emre Kıcıman was online browsing the business news when he noticed a box around the name of a startup company in an article about its acquisition by an industry giant. When he moved his cursor over the box, a pop-up appeared to inform him that one of his friends now worked for the startup. Kıcıman promptly sent his friend a congratulatory message. For Kıcıman, a researcher with the Internet…

December 2009

Microsoft Research Blog