MNR works with academic institutions in a number of different ways. We sponsor a number of ACM and IEEE conferences; Our researchers serve on steering and program committees of academic conferences and workshops; we serve on editorial boards of prestigious journals; Via the Hawaii Academic outreach program, we support mobile computing courses and research at several universities; we invite colleagues from academia to visit us and we host events that provide a forum to brainstorm about new research.

  • 2014

    • Program Co-Chair  USENIX NSDI
    • Program Chair HotMobile
    • Steering Committee: MobiCom, MobiSys, DySPAN, MCS Workshop, ISWC, CoRoNet Workshop, HotMobile
    • Information Director ACM SIGMOBILE
    • Editorial Board Member: MC2R, CCR, IEEE Journal on IoT, …


    • General Chair HotMobile
    • Program Committee Co-Chair: MobiCom
    • Program Committees: MobiSys, MobiCom, NSDI, SIGCOMM
    • Poster/Demo Chair: SIGCOMM
    • Steering Committee: MobiCom, MobiSys, DySPAN, MCS Workshop, ISWC, CoRoNet Workshop, HotMobile


    • General Chair: DySPAN
    • Program Committee Co-Chair: DySPAN, MobiGames
    • Program Committees: MobiSys, MobiCom, NSDI, DySPAN, SIGCOMM
    • Poster/demo/workshop Chairs: MobiSys, SIGCOMM
    • Steering Committee: MobiCom, MobiSys, DySPAN, MCS Wokshop, MobiHeld Workshop, ISWC, CoRoNet Workshop
    • Associate Editor: IEEE Transactions of Mobile Computing (2011-12)


    • Program Committees: MobiCom, NSDI, SIGCOMM, MobiSys, ICNP. MobiHeld
    • Steering Committee: MobiCom, MobiSys, DySPAN, MCS Wokshop, MobiHeld Workshop, ISWC, CoRoNet Workshop
  • For a number of years we have been organizing mindswap events between researchers from industry, academia, and government. At these events we have open discussions on important research topics and the challenges ahead.  For the benefit of the community, we make videos and presentation slides from all talks available on the event’s web site. Here are the events we have organized:

      • New Results in Networking Research, Redmond, WA (Dec. 5, 2013)
      • New Directions in Wireless Systems Design, Redmond, WA (May 30, 2013)
      • New Directions in Networked Systems Design. Redmond, WA (October 31, 2012)
      • Data Analytics and the Networks that Enable Them, Woodinville, WA (June 18-19, 2012)
      • Mobile + Cloud, Westin Hotel, Bellevue, WA (June 2-3 2010)
      • Cognitive Wireless Networking, Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie, WA (June 5-6 2008)
      • High Speed TCP , Redmond, WA (February 5-6, 2007)
      • Research and Practice in Corporate/Campus Networks  Snoqualmie, WA (June 1-2, 2006)
      • Wireless Networking: Goa, India (April 7-8, 2006)
      • Self Managing Networks, Kirkland, WA (Jun 1-2, 2005)
      • Mesh Networking: Snoqualmie, WA (Press Report)  (June 23-24, 2004)
  • Fall 2011:

    Cambridge University, University of North Carolina, Purdue University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Singapore Management University School of Information Systems, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, Virginia Tech University, University of South Carolina, Old Dominion University, Clemson University, Temple University, University of Utah, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Arkansas, University of Oregon

    Spring 2011:

    University College London, Stanford University, Duke University, University of Arkansas, University of Minnesota, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, New York University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Stony Brook University, University of Houston, University of California Santa Barbara, Ohio State University, Temple University, Purdue University, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Leipzig, Germany, Indiana University, Purdue University, Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Brasil, University of Goettingen, University of Washington

    Fall 2010:

    Singapore Management University School of Information Systems, University of Micigan, University of Maryland, University of Arkansas, University fo California at Santa Barbara, Michgan State University.

    Spring 2010:

    University of Southern California, University of Wisconsin Madison, Duke University

  • We have consistently supported strong conferences on mobile systems. A sampling of some conferences we have supported in the recent past

    2013MobiCom, HotMobile, S3, MobiSys, HotNets

    2012MobiSys, HotMobile, DySPAN

    2011MobiCom, SIGCOMM, MobiSys, DySPAN, NSDI, MobiCom – PhDForum

  • In addition to Project Hawaii Support, and an extensive University Relations Program dedicated to funding research at Universities, occasionally we too support faculty research in areas of our interests. Examples of institutes MCRC Researchers have supported in the past include:

    • University College London (Prof. Brad Karp, 2010)
    • Duke University (Prof. Romit Roy, 2009)
    • USC (Prof. Ramesh Govindan, 2009)
    • Harvard University (Prof. Matt Welsh, 2008)
    • University of Toronto (Prof. Yashar Ganjali, 2010; Prof. Stefan Saroiu, 2007)
    • Princeton University (Prof. vivek Pai, 2007)
    • UCLA (Prof. Todd Millstein, 2008)
    • MIT (Prof. Dina Katabi)
    • International Computer Science Institute Berkeley (Prof. Scott Shenker)
    • UCSD (Prof. Geoff Voelker)
    • CMU (Prof. Peter Steenkiste, 2010; Prof. Srini Seshan)
    • Columbia (Prof. Dan Rubensteini & Prof. Vishal Misra)
    • Texas A&M University (Prof. Nitin Vaidya)
    • University of California Berkeley
    • University of Maryland, College Park (Prof. William Arbaugh)
    • UT Austin (Prof. Lili Qiu)
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Prof. Suman Banerjee)
    • Rice (Prof. Ed. Knightly, 2010; Prof. T. S. Eugene Ng, 2007)
  • Microsoft Research organizes an annual faculty summit in Redmond. The summit offers a unique opportunity for us to mingle with researchers in academia. In addition to this we have had the pleasure of hosting several distinguished researchers in our center as well. Here is a partial list of a few who have visited us:

      • Rodrigo Fonseca, Brown University
      • Lin Zhong, Rice University
      • Rajesh Balan, Singapore Management University
      • Romit Roy, Duke University
      • Ramesh Govindan, University of Southern California
      • Suman Banerjee, Wisconsin University Madison