Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC)

Established: December 19, 2011

The Quantum Architectures and Computation group is a team of leading quantum computer scientists and engineers dedicated to developing real-world quantum algorithms, understanding their implications, and designing a comprehensive software architecture for programming such algorithms on a scalable, fault-tolerant, quantum computer. Our mission is to advance our understanding of quantum computing and its applications and implementation.

The QuArC group collaborates closely with Microsoft Research Station Q in Santa Barbara and several universities worldwide, including TU Delft (Leo Kouwenhoven), Niels Bohr Institute (Charlie Marcus), and the University of Sydney (David Reilly).




Towards Scalable Quantum Computation Link description

Towards Scalable Quantum Computation


July 24, 2014


Robert Schoelkopf, David Reilly, and Dave Wecker


Yale University, University of Sydney, Microsoft


Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2017)

Seattle, WA | January 2017

QIP 2017 is the twentieth international conference on theoretical aspects of quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum information in a series that started in Aarhus in 1998 and was last held in 2016 in Banff. QIP 2017 will feature a…


Language-Integrated Quantum Operations: LIQUi|>

Established: March 9, 2016

LIQUi|> is a software architecture and toolsuite for quantum computing. It i includes a programming language, optimization and scheduling algorithms, and quantum simulators. LIQUi|> can be used to translate a quantum algorithm written in the form of a high-level program…