The researchers and engineers in the MSR Security and Cryptography team pursue both theoretical and applied research in our field that will have an impact on Microsoft, Microsoft’s customers, and the industry at large. Our current projects include the design and development of quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms and protocols, high-performance post-quantum cryptographic libraries, quantum cryptanalysis, and end-to-end verifiable election technology.



Portrait of Brian LaMacchia

Brian LaMacchia

Distinguished Engineer

Portrait of Josh Benaloh

Josh Benaloh

Senior Cryptographer

Portrait of Christian Paquin

Christian Paquin

Principal Program Manager

Portrait of Craig Costello

Craig Costello


Portrait of Dan Shumow

Dan Shumow

Senior SDE

Portrait of Greg Zaverucha

Greg Zaverucha

Principal Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Karen Easterbrook

Karen Easterbrook

Sr Principal PM Manager

Portrait of Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane

Principal Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Michael Naehrig

Michael Naehrig

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Patrick Longa

Patrick Longa

Senior Researcher