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Systems and Networking Research Group (Asia)

Innovations in computer systems are key driving forces in the era of big data and artificial intelligence. Systems researchers are working to empower advanced intelligent algorithms with reliable, secure, and efficient computing capacity to process huge volumes of data. Systems and Networking Research Group of Microsoft Research Asia engages in fundamental systems research with expertise that spans theory and practice in:

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Platform and tools for AI

A series of open-source multi-platform deployable software and tools to accelerate AI research and development.

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New database architecture for cloud computing

A new generation of database services that are elastic at any scales and customizable for diverse workloads.

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One stack cloud system infrastructure

Leveraging customized hardware and software for networking to provide unified communication and universal virtualization.

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Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge

Infuse AI into cloud and edge systems to empower every cloud services and a variety of edge devices.

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Compiler and optimizer for deep learning

A full stack for compiling and optimizing deep learning workloads on various hardware platforms.

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Blockchain systems and applications

Systems, tools and analytics for more efficient, secure and privacy-preserving blockchain; Novel applications in the decentralization paradigm.

Research achievements

Over the years, researchers from Systems and Networking Research Group (Asia) have designed, built, analyzed, and optimized various production systems and tools that power Microsoft’s internal infrastructure and external services. These experiences have inspired a series of research projects. The projects have produced significant results in top conferences such as SOSP, OSDI, SIGCOMM, NSDI, MOBICOM, MOBISYS, USENIX ATC, SoCC, EuroSys, VLDB, SIGMOD, PLDI, ICSE, FSE, PPoPP,CVPR, AAAI, FPGA, including several best papers in OSDI, NSDI, Mobisys, Eurosys, and ICSE. Together with other teams in Microsoft, Systems and Networking Research Group (Asia) is working on new technologies for next generation infrastructures and platforms to advance the state-of-the-art in academia and industry.

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