Systems Research Group (Asia)

Systems Research Group (Asia)




We live in an exciting time as the great success from big data analysis and machine learning. New experiences from cloud computing, mobile Internet and other services supported by difference forms of systems incredibly improved our life. Systems research have been and will continue playing an indispensable role in this revolution.

We engage in fundamental systems research with expertise that spans theory and practice in:

  • Artificial intelligence infrastructure & platforms
  • Big data systems
  • Distributed systems tools
  • High-performance datacenter network
  • Cloud/edge/mobile computing
  • Distributed storage & distributed transactions
  • Block chain & smart contract
  • Customized hardware & hybrid architecture

Over the years, we have designed, built, analyzed, and optimized various production systems and tools that power Microsoft’s internal infrastructure and external services. These experiences have inspired a series of research projects, producing significant results in top systems conferences such as SOSP, OSDI, NSDI, EuroSys, PLDI, SIGMOD and VLDB.

Together with other teams of Microsoft, we are researching and inventing new technologies for next generation infrastructures and platforms, to advance state-of-the-art systems in both academic and industry world.

中文简介 (About us – Chinese version)

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