The scope of Trustworthy Systems Group spans security/privacy, decentralized trust, applied cryptography, trusted AI, dependable computing, and other related areas. The group is a part of the Systems and Networking research area in Microsoft Research Asia.

Our mission is to do fundamental and applied research to create state-of-the-art knowledge on security and trust technologies, and provide thought leadership for Microsoft products, the industry, and the research community.

The recent projects of our group members cover several specific directions: blockchain transaction execution, blockchain mining, decentralized incentives, verifiable DNN inference, ASIC acceleration for zero-knowledge proof, Chromium security, and TCP/IP side channel. These projects demonstrate different styles of research — algorithm design, system implementation, formal proof, empirical data analysis, adversarial analysis (i.e., attack and defense) and Internet-scale study.

We hire both full time researchers and interns. If your research area is also focused on the “trust” aspect of computing, we probably have a common ground. Please reach out to any of us to discuss about collaborations and job opportunities!