VIBE stands for “Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment”, and our group focuses primarily on topics in human-computer interaction (HCI) and information visualization.

Here is a short list of ongoing projects:

  • Big Data Analytics UX–better environment and visualizations for analysing big data (Danyel Fisher, Rob Deline, Steven Drucker, Mary Czerwinski plus several colleagues on other teams).  This includes iterative visualizations of work (Danyel), the researcher’s notebook (Rob Deline) and much more.
  • CodeBook–Facebook for Developers (Andy Begel and colleagues).
  • Wearable Fabric–Asta Roseway
  • Emotion Tracking, tracking tools and theoretical development–(Mary Czerwinski, Ashish Kapoor, Asta Roseway, Paul Johns, Scott Saponas).
  • Sandbox visualization–Steven Drucker, Roland Fernandez.
  • Web-based, collaborative and gestural IDE–Kael Rowen, Rob Deline.