Web Search and Data Management

Established: July 18, 2013

In recent years, we have seen dramatic improvements in machine learning, knowledge mining, graph database, and crowdsourcing that are providing search engines with new capabilities to perform deeper data and text processing and understanding. Web Search and Data Management Group is performing cutting edge research in these related areas and developing new capabilities to empower next generation search engines and intelligent applications.















Graph Engine

Established: May 14, 2015

Graph Engine, previously known as Trinity, is a distributed, in-memory, large graph processing engine. We are very pleased to announce that the Graph Engine 1.0 preview has finally been released to the public. Graph Engine, previously known as Trinity, is a distributed, in-memory, large graph processing engine. Graphs play an indispensable role in a wide range of domains. Graph processing at scale, however, is facing challenges at all levels, ranging from system architectures to programming…


Established: October 30, 2010

Trinity is a general purpose distributed graph system over a memory cloud. Memory cloud is a globally addressable, in-memory key-value store over a cluster of machines. Through the distributed in-memory storage, Trinity provides fast random data access power over a large data set. With the power of fast graph exploration and distributed parallel computing, Trinity supports both low-latency online query processing and high-throughput offline analytics on billion-node scale large graphs. Graph Engine 1.0 Preview Released…


Established: October 29, 2010

The goal of Probase is to make machines “aware” of the mental world of human beings, so that machines can better understand human communication. We do this by giving certain general knowledge or certain common sense to machines.

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Photo2Search: Explore the Real World via Camera Phone

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research There’s a new restaurant in town. Wonder what people are saying about it? Take a photo. That handy gadget you’ve been coveting is on sale at the mall. How does its price compare to those offered elsewhere? Snap a picture. A new, blockbuster movie arrives at your local theater. Thumbs up, or thumbs down? Point and shoot. It can’t be that easy, can it? Xing Xie says that,…

April 2006

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