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Microsoft Research Lab – Asia

Microsoft Research Asia (MSR Asia), based in Beijing and Shanghai, is Microsoft’s largest research institute outside the United States. Founded in 1998, MSR Asia has grown into a world-class research lab.

MSR Asia conducts research in areas central to Microsoft’s long-term strategy and future computing vision: natural user interface, artificial intelligence, cloud and edge computing, big data and knowledge mining, computer science fundamentals, intelligent multimedia and computational science. Over the years, technologies from MSR Asia have had a large influence within Microsoft and around the world, and new technologies are constantly born from the lab.

While advancing technology innovation, MSR Asia has excelled at creating an open and collaborative talent-fostering environment, where researchers are free to explore and pursue what interests them. This culture not only drives researchers to develop groundbreaking technologies and work at the cutting edge but has also made the lab a natural partner for both academia and industry.

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Lidong Zhou

For over two decades, Microsoft Research Asia has retained an open and growth mindset and has been committed to creating a free, inclusive, and sustainable environment for scientific research, where every person involved assumes a vital role on the road to new discoveries and contributions. Together, we will provide a catalyst for the various sparks of creative ideas to burgeon.

The growth of an innovative organization involves the process of continuously expanding its horizons and assuming greater social responsibilities. Since its inception, Microsoft Research Asia has continued to develop extensive cooperation with research institutions around the world to drive joint progress and improvement of computer science. Our global society in the current day and age is faced with a spate of issues, ranging from sustainability and carbon neutrality to healthcare. Under this context, Microsoft Research Asia shall adhere to principles that are conducive to innovation, boldly wield and improve new paradigms, and incessantly promote cross-disciplinary research progress together with our partners from all industries so as to effectively tackle each of the challenges experienced by our world today.”

Lidong Zhou, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Asia