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“At Microsoft Research in Cambridge, we truly aspire to transform the world through deep research. The bold and inquisitive minds of our researchers and engineers have produced, and continue to produce, significant contributions to Microsoft’s most successful products and services, as well as to the broader research community. The interdisciplinary nature of our lab ensures that we push the boundaries of computing in an inclusive way, resulting in robust and trusted technologies that can be deployed at scale. We have only scratched the surface of what technology can do for us, and I am tremendously excited to be working in a team that is so committed to having a significant impact upon our society.”

– Professor Christopher M. Bishop, Laboratory Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Chris Bishop

Transforming the world through deep research

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Reinforcement Learning Researcher 

we are seeking exceptional Researcher candidates in the area of Reinforcement Learning. The successful applicant is expected to develop a program of research in novel reinforcement learning approaches, with a focus on applications in video game settings. This is an exceptional opportunity to drive ambitious research while collaborating with a diverse team to push for novel applications of reinforcement learning in gaming and beyond. about Reinforcement Learning Researcher
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Confidential Computing Researcher 

Security and privacy are arguably the most significant concerns for enterprises and consumers using public cloud platforms. The Confidential Computing group at Microsoft Research Cambridge has been conducting pioneering research in the design of systems that guarantees strong security and privacy properties to cloud users. As part of our research, we are designing new security primitives in both general purpose processors and specialized accelerators. We are also invested in the design of language runtimes that… about Confidential Computing Researcher
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Post Doc Researcher: Optics 

Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) is searching for an exceptional optical physicist with strong mathematical skills who has experience of optical systems and signal processing to work on the development of optical storage systems for the cloud. The candidate would become part of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers who are developing new technologies for data storage in the cloud. Working at Microsoft research gives unparalleled opportunity to broaden your skillset and learn from some of the… about Post Doc Researcher: Optics
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Research Software Engineer (Deep Learning): 

Microsoft Research Cambridge is seeking applications for highly motivated and self-driven research software engineers with an interest in any sub-area of deep learning to work on a variety of cutting-edge deep learning projects within the lab. The projects will span a wide variety of application areas from computer vision, natural language processing to systems, programming languages or healthcare. You will be interested in learning new technologies and have a passion for applying latest research to… about Research Software Engineer (Deep Learning):

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