Microsoft Research Lab – New York City

Microsoft Research Lab – New York City

“Microsoft Research New York City investigates computational social science, algorithmic economics and prediction markets, machine learning, and information retrieval. The researchers in our lab interact deeply with the vibrant academic and tech communities in the New York metropolitan area. Our primary goal is to advance the state of the art in interdisciplinary research, and our research also enhances Microsoft products and services, through direct transfer of technology and through impact on Microsoft strategy.”

— Jennifer Chayes, Managing Director, Microsoft Research New England and Microsoft Research New York City


Researchers at this lab work together with others in Microsoft Research and in academia to advance the state of the art in social science, both computational and behavioral, computational economics and prediction markets, machine learning, as well as information retrieval. Along with helping to answer big data questions, their research will help us to understand economic and political predictions for understanding online human behavior. This research along with their study of social sciences will help to inform the technology of the future.





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Microsoft Research New York City consists of thirty-two full-time researchers and postdocs working in machine learning, systems, FATE: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI, microeconomics, algorithmic economics, and computational social science. Highly collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature, MSR-NYC is actively engaged with the local academic and tech communities.

Internship Overview

Microsoft Research New York City is actively seeking research interns across a range of research areas. MSR NYC is an exciting, interdisciplinary environment in which researchers have the freedom to explore their scholarly interests with access to an extraordinary diversity of big and small data sources, an open publication policy, and close links to academic institutions. Interns are hired for twelve weeks and receive a competitive salary and benefits package. Most internships take place over the summer, but other time periods are possible.



If you would like to be considered for an intern position at MSR New York City, please apply to one of the open positions. We welcome interdisciplinary or otherwise unique applications, which should be sent to whichever openings seem closest. Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity. We especially encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups.

Academic Programs


The Data Science Summer School (DS3) is an intensive, eight-week hands-on introduction to data science for college students in the New York City area. As MSR-NYC is committed to increasing diversity in computer science, we strongly encourage women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities to apply.

DS3 includes both coursework in data science and group research projects. The summer school is taught by leading scientists at Microsoft Research, and is held at the new Microsoft Research office in the heart of New York City.

To learn more about DS3, we encourage you to visit the program’s website, found here.



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