New York City skyline and Empire State Building, at late afternoon, New York, USA. Research positions open at Microsoft Research NYC!

Microsoft Research Lab – New York City


Full-time Members

Portrait of Jacob Alber

Jacob Alber

Principal Software Engineer

Portrait of Solon Barocas

Solon Barocas

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Griffin Bassman

Griffin Bassman

Software Engineer II

Portrait of Peter Chang

Peter Chang

Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Rajan Chari

Rajan Chari

Principal Engineer, MSR Labs, AI

Portrait of Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Hal Daumé III

Hal Daumé III

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Miro Dudík

Miro Dudík

Sr Principal Researcher

Portrait of Susan Dumais

Susan Dumais

Technical Fellow & Managing Director, Microsoft Research New England, New York City and Montreal

Portrait of Dylan Foster

Dylan Foster

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Kevin Gao

Kevin Gao

Senior Research Software Development

Portrait of Jack Gerrits

Jack Gerrits

Senior Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Jake Hofman

Jake Hofman

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Rafah Hosn

Rafah Hosn

Principal Product Manager

Portrait of Arthur Juliani

Arthur Juliani

Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Sham Kakade

Sham Kakade

Sr. Principal Researcher

Portrait of Anurag Koul

Anurag Koul

Research Intern

Portrait of Akshay Krishnamurthy

Akshay Krishnamurthy

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Alex Lamb

Alex Lamb

Senior Researcher

Portrait of John Langford

John Langford

Partner Researcher Manager

Portrait of Bar Light

Bar Light

Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Vanessa Milan

Vanessa Milan

Principal Designer and Manager

Portrait of Paul Mineiro

Paul Mineiro

Principal Data Scientist

Portrait of Dipendra Misra

Dipendra Misra

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Lekan Molu

Lekan Molu

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Ida Momennejad

Ida Momennejad

Senior Researcher in Reinforcement Learning

Portrait of Maria Leonor Pacheco

Maria Leonor Pacheco

Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Philip Rosenfield

Philip Rosenfield

Principal Research Program Manager

Portrait of Marco Rossi

Marco Rossi

Sr. Data Scientist

Portrait of David Rothschild

David Rothschild


Portrait of Eduardo Salinas Jasso

Eduardo Salinas Jasso

Software Design Engineer

Portrait of Akanksha Saran

Akanksha Saran

Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Robert Schapire

Robert Schapire

Partner Researcher

Portrait of Siddhartha Sen

Siddhartha Sen

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Chinmay Singh

Chinmay Singh

Principal Research Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Alex Slivkins

Alex Slivkins

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Cheng Tan

Cheng Tan

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Portrait of Alexey Taymanov

Alexey Taymanov

Principal Software Engineer

Portrait of Hanna Wallach

Hanna Wallach

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Daricia Wilkinson

Daricia Wilkinson

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Portrait of Jennifer Wortman Vaughan

Jennifer Wortman Vaughan

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Cyril Zhang

Cyril Zhang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of danah boyd

danah boyd

Partner Researcher

Postdoctoral Researchers

Portrait of Jordan Ash

Jordan Ash

Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Surbhi Goel

Surbhi Goel

Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Sofia Eleni Spatharioti

Sofia Eleni Spatharioti

Postdoctoral Researcher