MSR India is looking for a UX designer!

MSR India is looking for a UX designer!

Are you looking to be part of a team working on state-of-the-art technology research? Do you have a passion for user experience for real users through innovation, creativity, attention to detail and simplicity? Then this is the team you should be a part of.

We are looking for a UX Designer, who knows the difference between GOOD and GREAT designs; someone who is able to drive design directions from conceptual design through high-fidelity prototyping. A talented designer who is rock solid in design principles, with problem solving skills, big picture focus and leadership qualities. We are a team of researchers and developers working on cutting-edge technology research, so you will be involved in imaginative design collaborations throughout the research lifecycle from conception to deployment.

An ideal candidate should be able to:

  • Work on an exciting set of research projects in a variety of domains. You will work with researchers from a variety of backgrounds including Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), systems, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to design technologies for emerging markets: for low-income communities and beyond.
  • Drive user experience design from initial concept sketching through high-fidelity prototyping
  • Understand how to use research to drive design decisions
  • Juggle ambiguity without drowning in it
  • Create rapid prototypes and mockups to validate design concepts with users and project collaborators
  • Communicate, specify and describe designs to researchers, developers, PMs, senior leadership without ambiguity
  • Function in a diverse, friendly and highly technical research environment

An ideal candidate should have

  • 3-5 years of experience in interaction design
  • Education qualification that is either an MA/MS in interaction design, industrial design or highly related field, OR a BA/BS in interaction, industrial design with significant industry experience
  • Passion for target user communities in emerging markets
  • Proven ability to innovate for new user groups
  • Passion for design and strong command of visual design capabilities, including composition, layout, information hierarchy, typography and color
  • User-centric approach to design and working understanding of how to apply user research data
  • Proficiency with a range of interaction design, visualization, and rapid design prototyping tools
  • Developed and documented detailed user experience specifications for highly interactive interfaces
  • Designed portfolio demonstrating both creative thinking and the delivery of solid end to end scenarios
  • Knowledge of various user research methodologies such as field research, survey creation is highly desirable
  • Ability to use humor and energy to keep the momentum going!

Please note that this position is for one year, with the possibility of an extension to the contract. Mail your resumes to

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Microsoft works with the world’s best researchers, moving with the current of technology as it rapidly evolves. Together we share the motivation to seek innovative solutions to the world’s toughest challenges and improve the lives of people everywhere.

We seek research candidates with PhDs and a proven track record of published papers and participation on program committees, advisory panels and editorial boards. The ideal researcher has outstanding communication skills and the ability to develop original research agendas, while still being a team player in a collaborative and supportive environment. Many opportunities are also available for engineers within research teams worldwide. These groups offer the best of both worlds: deep thinking research aspects, and fast-paced entrepreneurial execution.


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Internships are available in all areas of research. In the application process, we’ll work with you to find the opportunity that best aligns with your interests. Internships are offered year round, though they typically begin in the summer. All internships are paid. And, we’ll help with visa applications where needed.