Large-scale AI Models Continual Learning Research Intern – MSR Asia Networking Research Group

Date Posted: July 11, 2022

Group Overview:

The Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research Asia engages in fundamental research on all aspects of computer networking. Our group members’ research interests span cloud computing, datacenter networks, hardware networked systems, and machine learning systems. We investigate new paradigms to build intelligent cloud infrastructure and networks. We emphasize both analytical and empirical approaches, and build running systems to validate theoretical results and refine system principles from experimental work.

Job Description:

Modern AI algorithms pose a hard barrier between training and inference. This necessitates separate infrastructures for each of training and inference, which doubles the cost. Such a separate system design gets increasingly tough to be managed efficiently when the algorithm scales out to thousands or more GPUs. To tackle this issue, this project pursues both algorithmic and systematic advances on continual learning by leveraging mixture-of-experts architecture in large-scale AI models. The intern will collaborate with both system experts in Networking Research Group and algorithm experts in Visual Computing Research Group.

Required Qualifications:

The candidate should have the following basic skills:

  1. Experience in deep learning research regarding this project
  2. Fluent communication in English

Obligations and responsibility:

  1. Investigate state-of-the-art continual learning algorithms for large-scale AI models
  2. Develop novel algorithms to improve the continual learning performance by leveraging the mixture-of-experts architecture
  3. Contribute to efficient system development by leveraging proposed algorithms


Required Internship Duration:

At least 6 months.

Application Process

Qualified applicants are required to fill out the application form and send it with their CVs/resumes in English (if applicable, in Chinese as well) in PDF/Word/Txt/Html format to:, and note that you are applying for  Large-scale AI Models Continual Learning Research Intern in MSRA Networking Research Group. Download the Application Form here:

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