Portrait of Adrian Caulfield

Adrian Caulfield

Principal Research Hardware Development Engineer


Adrian Caulfield is an active researcher in the computer architecture and systems communities.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in 2013 under the direction of Steven Swanson.  He was a founding member of the Non-Volatile Systems Lab where he lead the Moneta project, using FPGAs to develop and prototype novel Solid State Disk (SSD) architectures targeting advanced memory technologies such as Phase Change Memory (PCM or PCRAM) and Spin-Torque Transfer MRAM.  Achieving good overall system performance on these fast memory technologies required co-designing both the SSD architecture and operating system storage stack.  He also worked extensively with Flash memory during his time at UCSD, designing well balanced, power efficient system architectures and characterizing the performance and intricacies of multi-level cell flash memories.

Adrian started at Microsoft in July 2013, joining the nascent Project Catapult as one of the lead researchers and developers.  Project Catapult’s FPGA acceleration platform rapidly became central to Microsoft’s cloud strategy, enabling major advances in Bing ranking, cloud networking, and a number of other areas across the company.  He continues to focus on Project Catapult while exploring new system architectures and technologies that will bring further disruptive new capabilities to Microsoft’s cloud.


Project Catapult

Established: June 1, 2011

Researchers interested into utilizing Catapult - visit Project Catapult Academic Program. Project Catapult is the technology behind Microsoft’s hyperscale acceleration fabric, and is at the center of a comprehensive set of investments Microsoft is making to build a supercomputing substrate that can accelerate our efforts in networking, security, cloud services and artificial intelligence. Our work in this area started in 2010 in response to: Stresses in the silicon ecosystem driven by diminishing rates of CPU…



A Cloud-Scale Acceleration Architecture
Adrian Caulfield, Eric Chung, Andrew Putnam, Hari Angepat, Jeremy Fowers, Michael Haselman, Stephen Heil, Matt Humphrey, Puneet Kaur, Joo-Young Kim, Daniel Lo, Todd Massengill, Kalin Ovtcharov, Michael Papamichael, Lisa Woods, Sitaram Lanka, Derek Chiou, Doug Burger, IEEE Computer Society, October 15, 2016, View abstract, Download PDF


A Reconfigurable Fabric for Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services (IEEE MICRO Top Pick)
Andrew Putnam, Adrian Caulfield, Eric Chung, Derek Chiou, Kypros Constantinides, John Demme, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Jeremy Fowers, Gopi Prashanth Gopal, Jan Gray, Michael Haselman, Scott Hauck, Stephen Heil, Amir Hormati, Joo-Young Kim, Sitaram Lanka, James Larus, Eric Peterson, Simon Pope, Aaron Smith, Jason Thong, Phillip Yi Xiao, Doug Burger, in IEEE Micro, IEEE, May 13, 2015, View abstract, Download PDF, View external link








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Specialized Computing in the Cloud


July 29, 2014


Martha Kim, Thomas Wenisch, and Adrian Caulfield


Columbia University, University of Michigan, Microsoft Research



  • Program Committees – MICRO’16
  • External Reviewer for MICRO, ISCA, TOCS, IEEE CAL, PLOS ONE, TACO, JPDC, DAC
  • NSF Panel


  • 2004-2007: University of Washington
    • B.A. in Computer Science
  • 2007-2013: University of California, San Diego
    • M.S. in Computer Science
    • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering