Portrait of Aditya Nori

Aditya Nori

Partner Research Manager


Aditya Nori leads AI research at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. His previous role involved leading healthcare research and delivery for Microsoft Health Futures, overseeing initiatives such as AI for Biomedical Imaging, Real-World Evidence, Biomedical Signal Processing, and Health Access/Equity. Prior to that, he founded the Health Intelligence theme at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, aiming to revolutionize the practice of medical practice via trustworthy and human-centred AI. During his tenure at Microsoft Research, he has been instrumental in developing AI-driven productivity tools for cancer treatment, such as InnerEye (which was celebrated during the 75th anniversary of the NHS). His research has also bridged programming languages and machine learning, offering new perspectives in formal verification, probabilistic programming, and reliable machine learning. Additionally, he has created several tools to improve programmer productivity, including the second generation of the Static Driver Verifier toolkit for Microsoft Windows.