Portrait of Akash Lal

Akash Lal

Senior Principal Researcher


I am a member of the Programming Languages and Tools Group at Microsoft Research India. I am broadly interested in the areas of programming languages, verification and model checking with a focus on concurrent programs. I graduated with a PhD from the Computer Sciences Department (opens in new tab)of University of Wisconsin-Madison (opens in new tab), advised by Tom Reps (opens in new tab).

I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring a few Research Fellows (opens in new tab):



I have served (or will serve) on several program committees: CAV 2023 (co-chair), PLDI 2023, POPL 2023, VSTTE 2022 (co-chair), PLDI 2022, FSE 2022, SAS 2021, FSE 2021, CAV 2021, PLDI 2020, CAV 2020, SAS 2019, CAV 2019, ECOOP 2019, POPL 2017, CAV 2016, TACAS 2016, CAV 2015, ICSE 2015, VMCAI 2015 (co-chair), ASE 2015 (ERC), EC2 2014 (co-chair), ASE 2014 (ERC), etc.