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Alec Wolman

Principal Researcher


I am a member of the Mobility and Networking Research group at Microsoft Research in Redmond.  Previously, I was a member of MCRC, and before that the Networking Research Group within the Systems and Networking Area.

My current research focus is on mobile systems, and my other research interests include: distributed systems, operating systems, internet technologies, security, and wireless networks.

Current Projects:  Mobile Security; GPU Offload; Merlin.
Past Projects:  Zero-Effort Payments; Trusted Sensors; MAUI; Hawaii; CSIP; BlueMonarch; Bunker; Cell2Notify; Herald; Wi-Fi Ads.


Zero-Effort Payments

Established: September 16, 2014

Zero-Effort Payments (ZEP) is a seamless mobile computing system designed to accept payments with no effort on the customer’s part beyond a one-time opt-in. With ZEP, customers need not present cards nor operate smartphones to convey their identities. ZEP uses three complementary identification technologies: face recognition, proximate device detection, and human assistance.

Project Hawaii

Established: November 9, 2012

The Project Hawaii program was discontinued on October 8, 2013. With Project Hawaii, you can develop cloud-enhanced mobile applications that access a set of cloud services and Windows Azure for computation and data storage. Project Hawaii provides the tools and services; you provide the creativity and imagination. Get the latest version: Project Hawaii Software Development Kit (SDK) Click to open Project Hawaii Discussions Forum.  The forum will open in a new window. Project Hawaii Cloud Services…

BlueMonarch: A System for Evaluating Bluetooth Applications in the Wild

Established: August 17, 2010

BlueMonarch is a system for evaluating Bluetooth applications in the wild. BlueMonarch emulates a Bluetooth transfer to any device responding to Bluetooth Service Discovery requests; because many cell-phones, laptops, and PDAs in the wild respond to such probes, BlueMonarch enables quick prototyping of Bluetooth applications in the wild, to hundreds of unmodified Bluetooth devices. This functionality makes BlueMonarch useful for evaluating a large class of Bluetooth applications, those in which a local server under the…

Bunker: A Privacy-Oriented Platform for Network Tracing

Established: August 17, 2010

Bunker is a network tracing system that offers strong privacy while simplifying the development of network tracing software. With Bunker, network operators can perform network tracing based on the following two-step usage model: Pre-load Bunker with the trace collection and anonymization software. Start data collection with Bunker. With Bunker, all sensitive data is stored in a buffer on disk that is "locked down" along with the tracing software. In this way, no raw data can…

Lockr: Better Privacy for Social Networks

Established: August 17, 2010

Today’s online social networking (OSN) sites do little to protect the privacy of their users’ social networking information. Given the highly sensitive nature of the information these sites store, it is understandable that many users feel victimized and disempowered by OSN providers’ terms of service. Lockr is a system that improves the privacy of centralized and decentralized online content sharing systems. Lockr offers three significant privacy benefits to OSN users. First, it separates social networking content…

Mobile Assistance Using Infrastructure (MAUI)

Established: September 9, 2009

The Mobile Assistance Using Infrastructure (MAUI) project enables a new class of cpu- and data-intensive applications that seamlessly augment the cognitive abilities of users by exploiting speech recognition, NLP, vision, machine learning, and augmented reality. it overcomes the energy limitations of handhelds by leaveraging nearby computing infrastructure. Brief Description The size, weight, and battery life of mobile devices severely limit the class of applications that run on them. This is not just a temporary limitation,…

Wi-Fi Ads

Established: July 28, 2007

Delivering Location-Based Content to Clients Over Wi-Fi Networks Overview Many consumers carry portable electronic devices, smartphones, personal digital assistants, or laptops that can connect to Wi-Fi networks. Location-sensitive advertisements, ads targeted to a Wi-Fi user based in part on the physical location of that user, will be an important market in the near future. We have developed two schemes for distributing location-sensitive ads to Wi-Fi devices: BeaconStuffing and Neighborcast. BeaconStuffing fragments large messages, and embeds…




















The Structure and Performance of Interpreters
Theodore H. Romer, Dennis Lee, Geoffrey M. Voelker, Alec Wolman, Wayne A. Wong, Jean-Loup Baer, Brian N. Bershad, Henry M. Levy, in ASPLOS VII Proceedings of the seventh international conference on Architectural support for programming languages and operating systems, ACM Press, October 1, 1996, View abstract, Download PDF






Alec Wolman served as the ACM SIGMOBILE Secretary from 2013 to 2015. He has also served on the following program committees:
  • HotMobile 2014
  • USENIX ATC: 2006, 2009 (co-chair), 2011, 2013
  • SOCC 2011
  • MobiHeld: 2010 (co-chair), 2011
  • SIGCOMM 2011
  • MobiSys: 2007, 2009, 2010 (co-chair), 2011
  • ScienceCloud 2010
  • COMSNETS 2010
  • HotWeb 2008
  • SECON 2008
  • HotNets-VI
  • MobiQuitous 2007
  • MobiHoc: 2005, 2006
  • WWW: 2004, 2006
  • WCW 2005
  • ICDCS 2005
  • IPTPS 2004

External Review Committee

  • MobiSys 2014