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Asta Roseway

Principal Research Designer | Fusionist


I am a Research Designer in the NeXus HCI group at Microsoft Research. My focus lies primarily around the intersection of Art, Technology, and Science and how this combination could help generate the next generation of emerging solutions for the Environment, Emotional Health, Social Consciousness, and Sustainability.

My research often begins with the same question “What if?” which often leads to unconventional explorations in human computer interaction which would include projects such as DuoSkin, temporary interactive tattoos, and Lightwear, wearable light therapy for seasonal affective disorder. I’m also a strong advocate for a diverse and inclusive culture, and I helped to establish Microsoft’s first ever Artist in Residence program that enables Artists to work collectively with our Researchers. Some of the art that has come out of this program has been showcased at venues such as Ars Electronica, Biofabricate in NY, and the Seattle Art Museum. I also co-founded Digigirlz, one of Microsoft’s longest running diversity programs that aims to educate and inspire high school girls about the Tech Industry.

 I am a Parsons School of Design alumni.

News: I have been recently featured in Microsoft Stories as well as DuoSkin has won the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Award for the Sci-Fi No Longer category.




EarthTones: Chemical Sensing Powders to Detect and Display Environmental Hazards through Color Variation

Established: June 7, 2016

How much harmful exposure do we risk every day from invisible environmental pollutants? Whether we are in our homes, out commuting, or simply enjoying an afternoon stroll, these unseen hazards can often go undetected by humans leading to minor symptoms such as nausea, and even fatal diseases such as cancer under prolonged exposure. For instance, long term exposure to CO can result in respiratory problems, and UV is linked to increased rates of skin cancer.…


Established: June 1, 2016

FoodFutures is a triad of Art, Science, and Technology that speculates on the future of our food production, consumption, and distribution models by 2050. This exhibition was inspired by the notion that humans and plants could communicate to one another through enhanced sensing capabilities, and features a live broadcasting aquaponics and hydroponics system that is monitored by sensors and cameras to relay real-time tank and health analytics. We believe that the future of food will be supported…


Established: June 1, 2015

DuoSkin is a fabrication process that enables anyone to create customized functional devices that can be attached directly on their skin. Using gold metal leaf, a material that is cheap, skin-friendly, and robust for everyday wear, we demonstrate three types of on-skin interfaces: sensing touch input, displaying output, and wireless communication. DuoSkin draws from the aesthetics found in metallic jewelry-like temporary tattoos to create on-skin devices which resemble jewelry. DuoSkin devices enable users to control…

Lightwear: An Exploration in Wearable Light Therapy

Established: June 2, 2014

We explored the social acceptability and user experience of wearable form factors as a portable option for Bright Light Therapy (BLT). BLT remains the predominant therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder despite a non-compliance rate of ~70% commonly attributed to the inconvenience of prolonged daily sitting in front of light boxes. To date, attempts to address convenience using wearable/portable light treatment options have been met with limited success for nuanced reasons (i.e., stigma, efficacy, etc.). In…





Remnance of Form
Sang-won Leigh, Asta Roseway, Ann Paradiso, in Proceedings of TEI 2015, ACM – Association for Computing Machinery, January 1, 2015, View abstract










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