Portrait of Asta Roseway

Asta Roseway

Principal Research Designer / Fusionist


In the realm of technology, Asta Roseway saunters through the corridors of Microsoft Research like an enigmatic, all-knowing fusionist. The term, as she’d like to explain it, refers to those who gracefully skip from one discipline to another, sprinkling their designer’s pixie dust along the way.

As a Principal Research Designer, her keen eye is forever trained on the horizon, where the sun rises and sets on issues like the environment, emotional health, social consciousness, and sustainability. Her curious mind often finds itself chanting a familiar mantra, “What if?” And oh, the places she goes when her “what if” train leaves the station: smart tattoos, chatty flora, living architecture, and even wearable light therapy baubles for those who wilt when winter’s darkness descends.

Asta’s passion extends beyond her innovative creations, as she continually waves her wand to conjure a diverse and inclusive culture. With her touch, Microsoft’s first-ever Artist in Residence program was born, allowing creative souls to frolic amongst the research community. Their joint masterpieces have graced the stages of such esteemed events as Ars Electronica, SXSW, CES, and Biofabricate in the Big Apple.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Asta co-founded Digigirlz, one of Microsoft’s oldest diversity programs, aimed at inspiring high school girls to pursue the enchanting world of technology. Hailing from the hallowed halls of Parsons School of Design, she’s living proof that magic can be found at the intersection of art, science, and a sprinkle of Fusionist dust. (Created by ChatGPT4 David Sedaris)

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