Portrait of Bozidar Radunovic

Bozidar Radunovic

Senior Principal Researcher


Bozidar Radunovic is a Senior Principal Researcher in the Azure for Operators Research (opens in new tab), in Cambridge, UK. His research interests are in design and building next generation 5G infrastructure on cloud and edge. He has performed research on computer systems and algorithms with particular interest in access networks, virtualization and wireless communications.

Bozidar received his PhD in technical sciences from EPFL (opens in new tab), Switzerland, in 2005, and his BSc at the School of Electrical Engineering (opens in new tab), University of Belgrade, Serbia, in 1999. In 2006 he spent one year as a post-doc researcher at TREC, at ENS Paris and then joined Microsoft Research. In 2008 he was awarded IEEE William R. Bennett Prize Paper Award (opens in new tab) in the Field of Communications Systems.

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