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Jonathan M. Carlson

Senior Researcher


I am a Senior Researcher on the Project Premonition team in Microsoft Research's Clinical Sensing and Analytics group, where we are developing technologies for sensing pathogens and vectors in the environment.

In addition to my work on Premonition, I continue to work in HIV. Broadly, my interests here lie in using the natural genetic variation of the virus as a window into the human immune system. Because HIV has a high rate of mutation, each HIV-positive individual carries a genetically distinct virus. Moreover, as the adaptive immune response learns to target the virus, evolution selects for genetic variants that reduce the effectiveness of the immune response, leaving genetic "footprints" on the virus that we can learn to track. So by developing models of virus evolution, we can generate and test hypotheses about how the our immune system interacts with the virus. In addition to providing guiding principles for vaccine…






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