Portrait of Jonathan M. Carlson

Jonathan M. Carlson

GM, Immunomics
Health Futures


I am the General Manager of Immunomics in Microsoft’s Health Next group. In partnership with Adaptive Biotechnologies, our goal is transform the way we diagnose, monitor, treat, and prevent disease by creating a blood test to scan the body for past and present signs of infections, cancers and autoimmune diseases. The basis of our approach is the T-cell Antigen Map: nature’s mapping of your disease-fighting T cells to antigens, the signals of disease that they target. If we can learn to decode this information, a small blood sample would yield a readout of the antigens your immune system is monitoring, allowing your immune system to tell its own story. Checkout our blogs or project page for more info.

As a researcher in computational biology and machine learning, my interests have largely focused on immunology and virology. I have been deeply involved in Project Premonition,…