Portrait of Cecily Morrison

Cecily Morrison

Senior Principal Research Manager


I am a Sr Principal Research Manager in the Collaborative Intelligence (opens in new tab) theme at Microsoft Research Cambridge (opens in new tab). I lead the Teachable AI Experience team (TAI X) which aims to innovate new human-AI interactions that bring us to a more inclusive society. I believe strongly that we must innovate the machine learning techniques that we use in conjunction with designing new types of experiences. Projects have included:

Teachable AI Experiences (opens in new tab)

Project Tokyo: visual agent technologies for people who are blind or low vision (opens in new tab)

Torino: a physical programming language inclusive of children with visual disabilities (opens in new tab)

Assess MS: a system to support the tracking of disease progression in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (opens in new tab)

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from University of Cambridge (opens in new tab) and an undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology from Barnard College, Columbia University (opens in new tab). I have also spent time playing bagpipes in rural Hungary.