Portrait of Chris O'Prey

Chris O'Prey

Senior Software Development Engineer


I started as a Software Development Engineer in Test in the MSR User eXperience Technologies (MSR UXT) team in Nov 2007, based in the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab, and am now a Senior Software Development Engineer. During this time I have worked on a great range of projects with some remarkably talented people.

Products & Research

  • Nimbus
  • Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008
  • Microsoft Research AutoCollage Touch 2009 (limited OEM availability only)
  • Microsoft® Touch Mouse
  • Kinect™ for Windows® – SlideShow Gestures-WPF (MSDN)
  • 2 foot PC – Bringing Freehand Gestural Interaction to the desktop
  • Project Colletta
  • Fetch! for iOS / what-dog.net




SlideShow Gestures-WPF

Established: September 13, 2016

The SlideShow Gestures-WPF sample shows how you are able to use the Kinect for Windows SDK to control Windows applications through the use of gestures. It uses research from the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab to trigger events when the user performs a gesture.   The included source code provides a simple slide-show application, which processes the gesture recognition events from the runtime DLL to navigate through a series of images drawn from the 'Pictures' folders…


Established: October 7, 2008

Nimbus application from the Cambridge Innovation Development team Nimbus: Secure Peer Accelerated Downloads Millions of people download files over the internet every day, and servers can’t always keep up with the demand. See how Nimbus provides a solution to this growing problem. About Nimbus Secure peer accelerated downloads distribute authorized files to more people more quickly than any server can alone. Based on Network Coding research, Microsoft Research’s secure peer accelerated downloads use proven security…


Microsoft Touch Mouse Sensor API (32-bit)

June 2011

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Microsoft Touch Mouse Sensor API (64-bit)

June 2011

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AutoCollage 2008

February 2009

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I am very interested in PowerShell and how it can be used in automation and testing, and have provided internal talks and support on the topic for several years. Externally you can find me talking PowerShell at: