Portrait of Chin-Yew Lin

Chin-Yew Lin

Senior Principal Research Manager


I am a research manager of the Knowledge Computing group at Microsoft Research Asia. My research interests are knowledge computing, natural language processing, semantic search, text generation, question answering, and automatic summarization.

Recently, my main research directions are: (1) automatic text generation from structured data, developing models and algorithms to acquire writing and speaking knowledge automatically from massive data; and (2) grounded semantic computing,  developing semantic computing framework for real world applications and services including automatic acquisition of semantic knowledge, machine reading for semantic indexing, automatic understanding of user intents, and problem solving. The goal is to enable rich and context-aware interactive client plus cloud computing applications powered by automatically distilled and curated data.

I developed automatic evaluation technologies for summarization, QA, and MT. In particular, I created the ROUGE automatic summarization evaluation package. It has become the de facto standard in summarization evaluations. ROUGE has been chosen as the official automatic evaluation package for Document Understanding Conference since 2004.

Before joining Microsoft, I was a senior research scientist at the Information Sciences Institute at University of Southern California (USC/ISI) where I worked in the Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation group since 1997. I was the program co-chair of ACL 2012, program co-chair of AAAI 2011 AI & the Web Special Track, and program co-chair of NLPCC 2016.