Portrait of Dan Morris

Dan Morris

Principal Scientist and Aspiring Rock Icon


I’m a Principal Scientist with the AI for Earth program.

My current work focuses on geospatial analysis for conservation and sustainability, particularly around the Planetary Computer. If you really want to get me talking, also ask me about our work on accelerating biodiversity surveys with ML. Or ask me about guitars. Or football.

In my previous Microsoft life, my work included:

Before coming to Microsoft, my research focused on:

  • Haptics and physical simulation for medical applications
  • Neural prosthetics and brain-computer interfaces

I was part of the team that made Songsmith, which lets musical novices get a taste of songwriting, just by singing, and provides songwriters with an “intelligent scratchpad”. It’s totally sweet. Try it.

My personal page lives here.  I also blog about nerdy chord theory stuff here.

For MSFT folks: I maintain a page of interesting objects and places on campus.