Portrait of Darren Gehring

Darren Gehring

Principal Software Engr Mgr QA


I am a Software Engineering Manager for QA / Infrastructure on the Central Engineering Team ran by Gavin Jancke (GM Engineering in Research at Microsoft, Redmond). A good listen on what the group does can be heard in Gavin’s podcast.

After 10 years of being in SQL Server I came to MSR as the first QA person in MSR in 2005 (yes … 25 years in Microsoft in July of 2020).

What do I (my team) do?  My role has many different facets to it. We are mainly in charge of quality assurance and infrastructure (builds, source control etc) but we are the team that is the swiss army knife that takes on many roles in the diverse world of Microsoft Research. I have a great team that has a lot of experience which allows me to spend the majority of my time getting my hands dirty in various projects. I truly love my job and my team.

What projects do I work on? The joys of central engineering is that we work on all the various projects that is part of Microsoft Research. We have done Kinect work, phones, systems, VR, Enable (accessibility), web, computer vision, hardware etc.   For a list of my projects go to “My Projects” and the “More” tabs.