Portrait of Desney Tan

Desney Tan

Vice President and Managing Director, Microsoft Health Futures


[Pr.56] This cutting-edge cloud-computing service is helping researchers track COVID’s spread
ZDNet, 10 Feb 2021

[Pr.55] IPO filing: Microsoft invested $45M in Adaptive Biotechnologies as part of universal blood test deal
GeekWire, 30 May 2019

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GeekWire, 9 October 2018

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Huffington Post, 6 December 2016

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Fast Company, 23 March 2016

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The Verge, 24 April 2013

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International Examiner, 15 February 2012

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AsweetLife, 12 January 2012

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Discovery News, 7 January 2012

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Gizmag, 5 January 2012

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Seattle Business Magazine, December 2011

[Pr.42] 自由亚洲电台人物专访:对话微软研究院高级研究员
Radio Free Asia, 2 November 2011

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PopTech Blog, 22 October 2011

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The New York Times, 10 September 2011

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Discovery News, 12 May 2011

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New Scientist, 10 May 2011

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Technology Review, 3 May 2011

[Pr.35] Sensors turn skin into gadget control pad
BBC News, 26 March 2010

[Pr.34] Skinput Turns Your Arm into a Touch-Screen
Wired, 3 March 2010

[Pr.33] Skinput Turns Any Bodily Surface Into a Touch Interface
Popular Science, 3 March 2010

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TechNews, 3 March 2010

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New Scientist, 1 March 2010

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ZDNet, 10 February 2010

[Pr.29] Microsoft E-health Research Taps Xbox, Mobile Phones
PCWorld, 9 February 2010

[Pr.28] 人机交互 那些触手可及的梦想 (HCI and the Touchable Dreams)
Chinese Popular Computer Weekly, 19 November 2009

[Pr.27] 人机交互:一个被忽视的重要领域 (HCI: An Important Field that is Overlooked)
Science Times, 19 November 2009

[Pr.26] 用舌头玩转俄罗斯方块 (Using the Tongue to Control Computers and Play Games)
sina, 10 November 2009

[Pr.25] Muscle-Bound Computer Interface
Technology Review, 28 October 2009

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Forbes, 22 September 2009

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Financial Times, 16 September 2009

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Financial Times, 16 September 2008

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Bill Crounse’s HealthBlog, 18 August 2008

[Pr.18] Collabio Game Explores Social-Network Data Mining… And Social Psychology
Microsoft Research News and Highlights, August 2008
TechCrunch, August 2008

[Pr.17] My Awesome IT Job: Researcher and Manager, Microsoft
ZDNet, 25 July 2008

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Discovery Channel, 16 June 2008

[Pr.15] High-tech Armband Puts your Fingers in Control
New Scientist, 24 April 2008

[Pr.14] Giving Back to the Machines
digit, 22 January 2008

[Pr.13] Microsoft’s Investigation into the Subconscious
MarketWatch from DowJones, 18 January 2008

[Pr.12] The Year in Hardware
MIT Technology Review, 26 December 2007

[Pr.11] I Spy with my AI, Something Beginning with T(hought)!
Information Technology Magazine, 1 October 2007 [pdf]

[Pr.10] Work on Paralysis Shows Just How Hard it is to Read Minds
Wall Street Journal, 26 September 2007

[Pr.9] Teaching Computers to Read Minds
MIT Technology Review, 15 August 2007

[Pr.8] Human-Aided Computing: Microsoft Researchers are Trying to Harness Untapped Brain Power
MIT Technology Review, 22 June 2007

[Pr.7] Computer Will Try to Adjust to Your Moods: This is your Brain Plugged In
Puget Sound Business Journal, 19 May 2006

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 13 March 2006

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Microsoft PressPass, 6 March 2006

[Pr.4] Microsoft Research Interns Make Their Mark in Computer Usability at CHI 2003 Conference
Microsoft PressPass, 27 March 2003

[Pr.3] Large Displays Enhance Optical Flow and Close the Gender Gap in 3D Virtual Navigation
Microsoft PressPass, 3 April 2003
EurekAlert, 15 April 2003
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New York Times, 21 April 2003 (requires subscription)
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[Pr.2] Foreign Students Fear INS is Targeting Them
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 15 February 2003
Subsequently covered by: De Virtutibus blog

[Pr.1] Students Scoff at Paying Internet Piper
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1 June 2003