Portrait of Dave Maltz

Dave Maltz

Technical Fellow and CVP


David A. Maltz is currently the engineering leader for the Azure Networking team, responsible for developing, deploying, and operating the software and network devices that connect Microsoft’s largest services, including the Azure Public Cloud and Microsoft 365. We write the code for the network services ranging from Network Security to DNS, the distributed systems that control our software defined and physical network, and the SONiC firmware that runs many of our physical switches. We design the cloud-scale networks and data centers that provide petabits of connectivity at low cost and high reliability, from the optical systems on up.

Dave was a researcher in the Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research until July 2010, when he joined Microsoft Bing to form a team responsible for Bing’s network. The team is still actively engaged in research on data center networks, with the mission of giving Bing the lowest cost, highest performing, and most reliable network possible. Although publication is not the primary aim, this group publishes work when appropriate.