Portrait of David Molnar

David Molnar

Principal Research Manager


I lead Microsoft Security Risk Detection (formerly “Project Springfield,”) which packages pioneering technology and best practices from Microsoft into a cloud service everyone can use. Security Risk Detection builds on the “whitebox fuzzing” technology invented by Patrice Godefroid and colleagues at Microsoft, putting it into a cloud service run by William Blum and our engineering team. Learn more and sign up for a preview at https://www.microsoft.com/msrd

Prior to Security Risk Detection, I spent several years in the Security and Privacy Group at the Microsoft Research Redmond lab. Before MSR, I spent several years at the University of California Berkeley, where I finished a PhD with David Wagner. My area of focus is software security : software is eating the world, so if there’s a problem with software, then the software might accidentally eat us. How can we manage this risk from security critical software errors?

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