Portrait of Cynthia Dwork

Cynthia Dwork

Distinguished Scientist


Private data analysis, foundations of cryptography, combating spam, complexity theory, web search, voting theory, distributed computing, interconnection networks, algorithm design and analysis.


Learning Theory

Established: January 28, 2014

We work on questions motivated by machine learning, in particular from the theoretical and computational perspectives. Our goals are to mathematically understand the effectiveness of existing learning algorithms and to design new learning algorithms. We combine expertise from diverse fields such as algorithms and complexity, statistics, and convex geometry. We are interested in a broad range of problems. For example, we have studied the following problems. Can we rigorously prove the effectiveness of practical algorithms? For…

Database Privacy

Established: November 24, 2003

Overview The problem of statistical disclosure control—revealing accurate statistics about a population while preserving the privacy of individuals—has a venerable history. An extensive literature spans multiple disciplines: statistics, theoretical computer science, security, and databases.  Nevertheless, despite this extensive literature, «privacy breaches» are common, both in the literature and in practice, even when security and data integrity are not compromised. This project revisits private data analysis from the perspective of modern cryptography.  We address many previous…