Portrait de Emre Kiciman

Emre Kiciman

Senior Principal Researcher

À propos

I am a Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research AI in the information and data sciences group.  My research interests span causal inference, machine learning, and AI’s implications for people and society.

I am working to broaden the use of causal methods for decision-making across many application domains; and improving current applications of correlational machine learning through causal insights.  My work uses machine learning methods to scale up conventional causal inference techniques to handle larger-scale and higher-dimensional datasets; adapt causal inference methods to new settings; and improve the robustness and bias of prediction and classification algorithms using causal or causal-inspired approaches.

In the broad area of AI’s implications for society, my work promotes positive applications of AI and strives to mitigate its negative implications.  My projects include work at the intersection of security and machine learning, studying new attacks and defenses on security-critical AI-driven systems in an end-to-end setting;…