Portrait of Eslam Kamal

Eslam Kamal

Senior Research SDE


I’m a Senior Research SDE at Microsoft Research. My main focus areas are Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conversational Systems and Cloud based solutions. I joined Microsoft Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo (ATL-Cairo) in September 2011 and worked in the R&D of multiple NLP tasks such as Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition, Open Information Extraction, Language Understanding, and lately Conversational Systems. Before I join Microsoft, I worked in the R&D of an enterprise Arabic-English Machine Translation system for around 4 years at Sakhr Software. My MSc was in the field of Ontology based NLP, particularly the automatic inference of an Arabic lexical ontology based on different Arabic/English language resources.


Arabic Toolkit Service (ATKS)

Established: December 12, 2013

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a foundational infrastructure for processing written text. This processing revolves around text analysis and understanding. NLP serves a multitude of sophisticated tasks such as Text Search, Document Management, Automatic Translation, Proofreading, Text Summarization and many more. The…