Portrait of Eslam Kamal

Eslam Kamal

Senior Research SDE


I’m a Senior Research SDE at Microsoft Research. My main focus areas are Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conversational Systems and Cloud based solutions. I joined Microsoft Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo (ATL-Cairo) in September 2011 and worked in the R&D of multiple NLP tasks such as Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition, Open Information Extraction, Language Understanding, and lately Conversational Systems. Before I join Microsoft, I worked in the R&D of an enterprise Arabic-English Machine Translation system for around 4 years at Sakhr Software. My MSc was in the field of Ontology based NLP, particularly the automatic inference of an Arabic lexical ontology based on different Arabic/English language resources.


Arabic Toolkit Service (ATKS)

Established: December 12, 2013

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a foundational infrastructure for processing written text. This processing revolves around text analysis and understanding. NLP serves a multitude of sophisticated tasks such as Text Search, Document Management, Automatic Translation, Proofreading, Text Summarization and many more. The Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo has developed the Arabic Toolkit Service (ATKS) as a set of NLP components targeting Arabic language. ATKS Components The component suite includes a full-fledged morphological analyzer (SARF), a spell-checker, an auto…