Portrait of Eyal Ofek

Eyal Ofek

Senior Researcher


I am a senior researcher in Natural Interaction Group of Microsoft Research (MSR). My research interests include computer vision for human-computer interaction and Augmented Reality.
During 2011-2014, I managed a group of researchers at MSR’s eXtream Computing Group (XCG) in the areas of Augmented Reality and Graphics. Prior to that, I have founded the Virtual Earth Research Lab, later named Bing Mapping and Mobile Research Lab. The lab developed and shipped new innovations to Microsoft Virtual Earth and Bing service, such as the first Street View Technical Preview (Feb. 2006), Street View Privacy, automatic matching of user images, text recovery in the wild and more.

During 2004-2005, I was a researcher at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), working on issues such as video completion, reconstruction of hair from images, and camera based interaction.
Before joining Microsoft, I have founded a couple of companies in the area of computer graphics, including the design & development of the successful Photon-Paint drawing and image retouching application for the Amiga computer, and managing the software R&D at 3DV Systems LTD, developing active real-time depth cameras for motion controlled gaming, later bought by Microsoft in 2008.

I obtained my BA, MS and PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

For more Up-To-Date information, please see Eyal’s external homepage at : http://eyalofek.org/



Room2Room: Life-size telepresence in a projected augmented reality environment

Established: March 2, 2016

Room2Room is a life-size telepresence system that leverages projected augmented reality to enable co-present interaction between two remote participants. We enable a face-to-face conversation by performing 3D capture of the local user with color + depth cameras and projecting their…

Peeking Template Matching for Depth Extension

Established: October 5, 2015

We propose a method that extends a given depth image into regions in 3D that are not visible from the point of view of the camera. The algorithm detects repeated 3D structures in the visible scene and suggests a set…

RoomAlive Toolkit

Established: October 1, 2014

The RoomAlive Toolkit is an open source SDK that enables developers to calibrate a network of multiple Kinect sensors and video projectors. The toolkit also provides a simple projection mapping sample that can be used as a basis to develop…


Established: October 1, 2014

RoomAlive is a proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented, magical entertainment experience. RoomAlive presents a unified, scalable approach for interactive projection mapping that dynamically adapts content to any room. Users can touch, shoot, stomp, dodge and…

IllumiRoom: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences

Established: January 4, 2013

IllumiRoom is a proof-of-concept system from Microsoft Research. It augments the area surrounding a television screen with projected visualizations to enhance the traditional living room entertainment experience.         Read the CHI 2013 Best-Paper: IllumiRoom:…









Mouse 2.0: Multi-touch meets the mouse
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Depth Key
Ronen Gvili, Amir Kaplan, Eyal Ofek, Giora Yahav, in Stereoscopic Displays and Applications: The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2003 (Proceedings of SPIE/IS&T Volume 5006),, January 1, 2003, View abstract